Hingham Chess Club Announces Fall Schedule

Hingham Chess Club Announces Fall Schedule

0914/17: The Hingham Journal

Hingham Public Library in partnership with the Hingham Chess Club (HCC) is pleased to announce the upcoming Fall schedule. Beginner Lessons will start on Wednesday, September 20th from 4 to 4:30 p.m., and Advanced Lessons will start on Thursday, September 21st, from 4 to 5 p.m. All lessons are held in the Whiton Room, free of charge, and are led by National Chess Master Farzad Abdi.

Immediately following each day’s lesson is Open Play, which is an opportunity for people of all ages to practice their skills or expand their interest in chess. Open Play runs from 4:30 to 5:30 p.m. on Wednesdays and 5 to 6 p.m. on Thursdays.

Starting this year, Beginner Lessons will operate in a 12-week cycle. While prior sign-up is not required, it is requested participants commit to the lesson cycle no later than September 27th. During the 12 weeks, participants will master chess basics, including how pieces move; maneuvering the board; applying chess terms such as castling; and the stages of play.

Advanced Lessons are drop-in and focus on strategy and board development; applying more advanced chess terminology; and preparing for competition. Participants who are uncertain which level best fits their needs should attend a Beginner Lesson as a refresher.

All ages are welcome, but HCC recommends a minimum age of six years old, and the ability to work independently.

All chess lessons at Hingham Public Library are free. To help offset the costs of funding the program, a suggested donation of $10 per lesson is gratefully accepted by Hingham Chess Club, yet not required. Through their partnership with the Hingham Public Library, HCC is also generously sponsored by the Harold and Avis Goldstein Trust.

HCC’s Chess Master Farzad Abdi is a nationally ranked player, having reached the level of National Chess Master. He is the past North East Champion and the 2017 runner-up in the Massachusetts Championship.

Master Abdi believes the joy of chess is, “There is no end to how great you can be. Beyond the game, the principles behind chess become subconsciously woven into every aspect of life from personal discipline, to decision making, to maintaining your composure even under the most difficult or daunting circumstances. There are countless studies of the educational, behavioral and cognitive benefits of learning chess.”

HCC was founded in February 2017 by Laura Donnelly and Kay Praschma, with the vision to provide an enriching chess club that will become an educational and community asset to Hingham and the South Shore region. HCC is currently operated by parent and student volunteers. For more information, please follow “Hingham Chess Club” on Facebook, or contact HCC at hinghamchessclub@yahoo.com.

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