Chess Lessons, Fees & Policies

  • Lessons are taught by our Chess Master, Farzad Abdi, and operate on a 12-week cycle. 

  • All lessons take place at Hingham’s Second Parish in Cushing Hall. 

  • All ages are welcome, but a minimum age of six years and the ability to work independently is highly recommended.

  • All chess supplies will be provided.

  • Currently, we only accept cash or checks made out to the Hingham Chess Academy.

  • A 10% discount will be given to siblings.

  • Missed class policy: missed classes are not refundable and make-up classes are not offered. However, our Chess Master will work with the student during Open Play to cover any missed curriculum, time permitting.

  • Snow day disclaimer:  in case of an officially announced Hingham Public School snow day, chess lessons will be cancelled accordingly. Refunds will not be granted. However, a make-up class will be rescheduled to the best of our ability.


Winter/Spring 2019 Schedule


Classes will start January 17th and run until April 25th. Our 12-week program takes place every Thursday, excluding classes on 2/21, 3/7, and 4/18. Our class times and membership fees are as follows:



Beginners will master chess basics, including how pieces move; maneuvering the board; applying chess terms such as castling; and the stages of play. 


Beginner Lessons: Thursdays
Lessons from 4:00 - 4.30pm
Open Play from 4.30 - 5:00pm
$100 for 4-week session | $250 for full 12-week session


Intermediate lessons focus on strategy; board development; and applying more advanced chess terminology.


Intermediate Lessons: Thursdays
Open Play from 4:30 - 5:00pm
Lessons from 5:00 - 5.40pm
Open Play from 5:40 - 6:00pm
$120 for 4-week session | $300 for full 12-week session


Advanced lessons prepare our players at tournament level and attending chess tournaments is recommended, but not required.


Advanced Lessons: Thursdays
Open Play from 5.40 - 6:00pm
Lessons from 6:00 - 7:00pm
$120 for 4-week session  |  $300 for full 12-week session


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